Channelling the power of Apes all around the world, Apes Together Club is a collection of 1,250 unique NFT’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. Come join the club..

Mint an Ape

Public mint

You can mint up to 10 Apes in one transaction. Just select the quantity below, click the mint button and authorize the transaction in your wallet.

If you have any questions or problems please join the Discord server to ask and we can help.

The Collection

1,250 Unique NFTs
Each Ape is 100% unique and programmatically generated from over 100 traits. They are all modelled and textured in 3D, each having their own colours, expressions and various accessories such as glasses and hats. As an NFT owner you hold the rights and IP to your Ape.

Ready to Game
Built as low-poly characters in common 3D formats they are perfect to be animated and introduced into any game. Owners of the NFT will be able to see their unique character in future games and partner projects.

Special Prizes for all loyal Apes
Holders of any NFTs are automatically entered into draws to win additional NFTs and ETH. Prizes are also awarded through our competitions on social media so be sure to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord.

The Apes Together Club Roadmap

We have a long term visions of rewarding current holders through a number of future drops at discounted value with the end goal using our 3D apes to be part of iOS/Android/PC games you can play, bet and win real prizes.

The Apes Together Club Great Launch Giveaway

The mission of The Apes Together Club is to bring value to all Apes. For NFT’s to provide more value they must also provide utility.

This is especially difficult on NFT launches as the team needs capital to build the system that provides that utility. For early adopters it can be difficult seeing the value of your NFT go down during this time.

To make real value for our NFT holders in this early period we will be creating value in a a number of ways:

  • 1,250 Apes will be released into the wild in the first drop with more only being released if the original Apes Together NFTs sell-out and the market can support them
  • A prize fund giving away real ETH to holders for the first 12 days after mint
  • An escalating prize fund to make sure there are plenty of winners
  • Other prizes and drops and buybacks, all for the benefit of holders


What does this mean?

Once 250 Apes are sold in the presale there will be a 1 x 0.5ETH prize every day that all holders are automatically entered. You do not have to do anything. The winner will have the ETH sent to the wallet address that is holding the winning Apes Together Club NFT that day.

Once all 1200 Apes are sold in general release, we will be doubling this prize to 2 x 0.5ETH prizes given out everyday for the remainder of the 12 days.

This means if all NFTs sell-out on general release day we will be giving away 12 ETH to the community in the first 12 days, with holders not having to do anything.

You get 1 entry per Apes Together Club NFT you hold and the same NFT can win more than once in the 12 days.

The only term to be a winner is you cannot list your Ape NFT on below 0.15 ETH. This will ensure a profitable resale floor for all APE Together Club Holders.

Remember, HODL to win. More holder prizes also coming soon. Please join our Discord for more details.

Technical details

Apes Together Club NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain and will follow the ERC-721 standard.

Apes and their accessories were modelled in Blender, textured in Substance and animated in Maya. Unique generation of attributes is created through Python scripting. They are then rendered and exported in the PNG image format and stored immutably on IPFS.

All NFTs attributes are randomly generated based on a percentage basis. There is at least 1 NFT with each attribute and there are no duplicates. There is a random chance of getting any rarity NFT when they are minted.


  • 1,250 Ape Together Club NFTs available in first drop
  • 250 Ape Together Club NFTs in whitelist pre-release for 0.07 ETH each + gas fees.
  • 950 available to buy in general sale for 0.07 ETH each + gas fee. Please make sure you have ETH to cover gas fees for minting.
  • 50 to be given away through social media competitions, member and partner events
  • All NFT’s are minted and released on NFT’s will be available for resale on Opensea
  • There is no limit to how many NFT’s can be minted or held by each wallet
  • The verified smart contracts will be added to the website when released

For more information on the Apes Together Club or to contact the team please DM us on Twitter or join our Discord.